Why we love Halloween!

Why we love Halloween! PJ Mamma
Here at PJ Mamma we love the spookiest day of the year! It’s the best excuse to pull out the scary costumes and celebrate all things ghostly and ghoully!

There are many activities to get the kiddies involved in, we have put a list together of our favourite Halloween treats, crafts and costumes for all the family to enjoy so you can make the most of this spooktacular night!

 Halloween costume

Why not use our ghostly pyjamas as part of your costume and paint your face white to really give your neighbours the heebie-jeebies!  Or get into the Halloween sprit by dressing the whole family as ghosts at bedtime, if Halloween isn’t the best excuse to all be matching then when is?!

Click here to have a little look!

Why we love Halloween! PJ Mamma


Halloween treats

Spiderweb hot chocolate

Poison candy apples

Halloween cupcakes


Halloween crafts

Bat cup

Pasta skeleton


Halloween decoration

Devilish masks

Pumpkin carving


PJ Mamma

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