Valentines Gifts for Mum -to-be or Parents

Valentines Gifts for Mum -to-be or Parents PJ Mamma

Love is in the Air!

Valentines Gifts for Mum- to- be and Parents

It’s the first of February so that means it’s the month of LOVE!

It’s a busy time for us and our heart collection and matching pyjamas has a range of products to help with gifts for a baby’s first Valentines Day, a special gift for a mum to be this Valentines Day, parents or special loved ones. Who doesn’t love a bit of love!

Our organic cotton heart pyjamas and matching family pyjamas make great gifts. They don’t guarantee an undisturbed nights sleep (any parents dream) but they are so soft and cosy and the perfect excuse for some extra PJ time! You can choose from matching pyjamas for siblings, family or couple pyjamas too.

Our MAMA slippers are also a lovely gift for mum from the children this Valentines Day.

Here are a few other gift ideas that any parent or mum to be would LOVE this Valentines Day.

A Sleep in!

What better gift than a few extra hours in bed or an afternoon nap! A perfect gift for Mum or Dad and even better in new pyjamas!

Homemade card

There’s nothing better than a homemade card from your little one. Whether it’s a hand or footprint from your baby or a craft creation from your toddler, for me nothing beats a homemade creation. If you’re not into craft then a photo card is equally special.

Get the Kids involved!

My 4 year old loves getting involved in little surprises for me or his Dad. Whether it’s getting your little one to help make a cake, make some wrapping paper, set the table or choosing a gift (even if it is something really random –last time Tate chose a tube of mints!) it takes the pressure of you a bit and adds their special touch to the treat for mum or Dad.

Take Away

Take the night off, order a take away and snuggle up in your matching PJs. You definitely deserve a night off.

Love yourself

As a new parent you often don’t get time to look after yourself as you’re always looking after others. Why not give yourself a little treat – make a date to meet a friend, get your nails done, have a PJ day while the kids are at playgroup and give yourself a day off the household/life duties.

Happy Valentines Day and Big love from the PJ Mamma team

Valentines Gifts for Mum -to-be or Parents PJ Mamma
PJ Mamma

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