Brand New Breastfeeding Pyjama

Brand New Breastfeeding Pyjama PJ Mamma
Braestfeeding pyjama

PJ Mamma first started with the Mamma pyjamas, and has grown to include baby, toddler and Dad PJs too. Over the past few years I’ve had lots of requests for breastfeeding pyjamas so I am very excited to be launching our new breastfeeding pyjamas during World Breastfeeding week

They have been tried and tested by mums and babies to make sure they offer the easiest feeding option and give maximum comfort too. When designing the pyjamas, I also used my own experience of breastfeeding my son.

I feel lucky to have had a very positive experience of breastfeeding my son Tate. He was a big feeder and he would never take a bottle, which was pretty demanding at times but I really cherished our feeding time together. On those sleepy, blurry days, I always liked the feeling I had his milk, and his biggest source of comfort on hand, even if I had forgotten his other key vitals!

When you have a new baby you are likely to be spending lots of time in your pyjamas. Day to night can become a bit of a blur in the early days so having comfortable pyjamas is a big bonus.  You are likely to have a flow of visitors coming to see you and your new love.

I found the early days a bit tricky when I was first finding my way with breastfeeding and the house was full of visitors.  Our breastfeeding pyjamas make feeding as easy and discreet as possible.  A big barrier to breastfeeding can be confidence in front of other people. Our breastfeeding pyjamas are designed to make feeding as simple as possible, with no clips or ties to fuss with. They allow your baby to get full access so you can achieve good positioning and latch.

Why are our new breastfeeding pyjamas special?

  • Designed by Mamma’s and Babies!
  • They are made from the softest organic cotton to give maximum comfort.
  • They have been tried and tested by mums and babies and the form has been designed to be as accessible and feed friendly possible.
  • With no clips or ties to fuss with. They allow your baby to get full access so you can achieve good positioning and latch.
  • The heart breast print can be used to help record which side you last fed from
  • You can add a matching baby romper with a bum heart print for the cute factor!

See what our Mamma’s had to say…

I LOVE these pyjamas! My son is 6 months old now so I have grown in my confidence when feeding but I still love how discrete they are.  My son is a big feeder so the easy access was perfect. Lorna – London

This is the comfiest breastfeeding pajama top I have come across. Not only is it super soft, I can feed my little girl with ease and without covering her face up so she’s happy too! I have actually worn it around the house as a casual top as well as a pj top and have been so happy and relieved to eventually find a nursing top which isn’t ‘maternity’ wear and just want to be in it all of the time! Thank you PJMamma x  Natalie – London

Breastfeeding is not easy and women need lots of support to breastfeed successfully and hopefully our pyjamas can be part of that. Whether you feed bottle or breast, its what works for you and your baby. Ultimately it’s about mum and baby being happy!  Just know PJ Mamma are here to support you with some PJ comfort.

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Becky – PJ Mamma

Brand New Breastfeeding Pyjama PJ Mamma
Breastfeeding pyjama
PJ Mamma

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